Swim camps

How it Works?

Diana’s Swim Academy offers Swim Camps for children from 3.5 years of age upwards. Swim Camps are suitable for total beginners to swimmers looking to perfect their stoke technique, build their endurance or increase their speed in the water. Condensing 5 weeks’ swimming learning into a short timeframe, Swim Camps are an intense, growth-orientated course of swimming classes.

As swim lessons are every day for 5 days in a row, children make fantastic progress in a single week. Learners are grouped according to their swimming ability and our Swim Camps have a small teacher-student ratio so each child also gets a lot of individual attention.

Each lesson is made up of intensive swimming lessons and water games. Depending on the child’s ability, vital swimming skills (e.g. sculling water, treading water, jumping and diving into the pool, collecting sinkers from the bottom of the pool) are safely learned in a fun, games-centered environment.

Please note that a minimum of four children is required to run each Swim Camp.

Contact us for full details. Find out everything you need to know to be ready for Swim Camp here.


30 mins of constant swimming, by Wednesday (we started on Monday) I noticed a huge improvement in my child's ability to swim and water confidence. It was so good I've enrolled him for another week of camp. Well worth the money when you see such good progress.

Lorraine (Rhys’s mum)

Cian & Anna made so much progression in just 1 week of camp, they're delighted with themselves. The instructor is so patient and calm, and the class sizes are nice and small.

Louise (Cian & Anna mum)

You could see the children grow in confidence each day and that confidence was built on by the instructor to help them progress to the next stage. Very well done.

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