Kids Swimming Lessons

Our kids’ swimming lessons are suitable for complete beginners to competitive swimmers and any level in between from aged 3.5 upwards. Through our unique and progressive swimming programmes, we are flexible to the ever-changing needs of each child. Building connection and trust with our students is imperative to us so our swim lessons are small in size and the student teacher ratio for beginners is a maximum of 1 to four. Teachers coach in the water unless children are confidently swimming lengths in lanes. Our continual feedback loop and positive, open communication ensures each child is always learning and growing and individuals are addressed by name by our engaging, fully-qualified teachers.

At Diana’s Swim Academy, we track every child’s progress so we can share improvements and achievements in their swimming classes with their parents. We offer a variety of flexible dates and times for our Children Swimming Lessons. At 30 minutes per lesson, sessions are designed to work with the child’s maximum concentration and energy levels.

Timetable for Kids group lessons

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* Please read How it works before you book your Children Swimming Lessons

Courses are payable in full before the start of each term. Length of a course of swim lessons may vary depending on midterm breaks, Bank Holidays, etc. Course costs are available here.

Please note that there are no pay-as-you-go lessons. We can offer private swimming lessons also, but very limited private classes available for Children. Contact us for full details.

Find out everything you need to know to be ready for your swimming lessons here.