The swim academy

Welcome to Diana’s Swim Academy.

We are a leading Swimming Teaching and Coaching Academy based in Limerick, Ireland. We are dedicated solely to providing expert swimming classes for babies, toddlers, children and adults. Whether the goal is to learn to swim, get fit and healthy, perfect techniques, increase speed or simply have fun in the water, Diana’s Swim Academy offers a safe swimming experience that is encouraging, flexible and creative.

In a number of select swimming pools in Limerick and Cork, Diana’s Swim Academy offers the most specialised and well-organised local swimming lessons including toddler and baby swimming lessons with parents, kids’ swimming lessons, swimming camps, adult swimming lessons, one to one swim classes and private swimming lessons.

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* Children’s lessons only

The swim academy

Why our swimming lessons are different

Our unique approach prioritises safety first, teaching children to be safe and independent in and around the water without the use of floatation devices. We focus on correct technique from the outset ensuring each child develops a strong skill foundation which will help their future stroke development. We work with each individual based on their needs and ability level, supporting and challenging them achieving optimum results for each swimmer.

What we do at Diana’s swim academy

What we do at Diana’s swim academy

Baby/Toddler and Parent Classes In these sessions parents join their child in the water in an engaging and trusting environment.  Our experienced teachers will work with each family to achieve their swimming goals, whether that be to have fun together in the water or focus on safety and skill.

Children Classes. We start with from complete beginners up to competitive level. We also teach in small groups from 3.5yrs upwards, coaching the vital life-saving skill of swimming, while also promoting fitness and fun.

Swim Float Swim From 6 months to approximately 7 years of age you can choose our Swim Float Swim* sessions.  In these 1-1 sessions your child will learn this life saving swimming skill with maximum progression.

*In association with International Swim Academy (ISA)

Swim Camps Our popular swim camps are intensive swimming lessons, run over the course of a week our swimmers achieve great progression from practising and enjoying the water every day

Aqua Natal Yoga Classes are also available to expectant mothers. These provide a relaxing, weightless and gentle method of exercise throughout pregnancy, regardless of fitness levels.

Adult Classes. We coach and motivate adults who are nervous of the water, or unsure of their technique to overcome their fears, and knowledge gaps so that they can enjoy learning to swim with confidence and ease. We also specialise in developing training plans for competitive swimmers and tri-athletes.


Our mission

The mission of Diana’s Swim Academy is to provide the highest-quality, most progressive swimming classes available. We care deeply about each of our students and our aim is to foster a connection with every individual through creativity, patience and enthusiasm. We strive to empower each student by engaging with their best qualities and celebrating their growth so they can achieve their personal swimming and life goals. Science, safety and security drive our every decision, and flexibility and fun are at the heart of what we do.

We are committed to the ongoing development of our niche swimming services and the expansion of our dedicated swimming team. We look to the future with great excitement as we continue to share our specialised, leading-edge swimming teaching and coaching expertise within Ireland and internationally.