As a parent of a baby or toddler I’m not very comfortable in the water, so are these swim lessons for me?

We specialise in empowering parents in being their baby’s or toddler’s first swimming teacher and we do this in the most reassuring and supportive manner. Within our toddler and baby swimming lessons, our focus and attention is on the parent and toddler or baby as a unit and lessons are fun, engaging, well organised and small in size. We understand the challenges and joys that come with early parenthood, and we work to the pace and comfort levels of each parent, regardless of their swimming experience.

What if my baby or toddler gets scared or nervous in pools or even in the bath?

Our strength is in our ability to understand and manage your baby or toddler fears as well as your own concerns and we are always flexible to you and your baby’s or toddler’s routine and requirements.

How long will it take my child to learn to swim?

Every child is an individual, and in kids’ swimming lessons there are many different factors that influence the rate of learning where swimming is concerned. These general factors include the child’s age (chronological, biological and functional), the frequency and consistency of the swimming lessons and the starting point in terms of whether the child has any previous experience in the pool and whether even they have had an experience that frightened them in the water. Understanding the above factors with regards to each individual child is vital and this knowledge enables us to develop the most trusting, flexible and growth-centred relationship between the child and teacher, in and outside of the water.

Will my child get the attention they need in the pool?

Our specialist kids’ swimming lessons are small in size with a low student teacher ratio. We love engaging with children and we address every child by name. Each child gets the attention and individual guidelines that they need and our personable teachers are all qualified swimming experts. We continually monitor and track the progress of each child in their lessons to ensure their optimum development. Our aim is to ensure that children can swim confidently for a variety of important reasons including safety in and around the water, health and fitness through exercise, becoming a skilled swimmer or enjoying water activities when they are going on family holidays.

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