Baby / Toddler & Parent Swimming Lessons

Our parent and baby swimming lessons are for children from birth to 3.5 years of age. One parent or guardian is required per baby/toddler for the lesson. Parents/guardians get into the water with their baby/toddler and are fully supported and guided by the highly-experienced swimming teacher. Lessons are informative, well-organised and engaging and the babies and toddlers love to splash about, watch other babies and toddlers and really have fun and learn from the experience.  At 30 minutes per lesson, toddler and baby swimming lessons are designed to work with the child’s attention span and energy levels.

Timetable for Baby / Toddler & Parent Swimming Lessons

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Killeline Leisure Centre (Newcastlewest, Limerick)
Nov 4th - Dec 16th (2019)
St Gabriel’s Hydrotherapy Pool (Limerick)
Nov 6th to Dec 18th (between 9am - 11am)
Bawnmore Sports Complex
Nov 14th to Dec 19th (between 12pm - 1:30pm)
St Gabriel’s Hydrotherapy Pool (Limerick)
-- MORNING SESSIONS -- Nov 8th to Dec 20th (between 9am - 10am)
St Gabriel’s Hydrotherapy Pool (Limerick)
- AFTERNOON SESSIONS - Nov 8th to Dec 20th (between 1pm - 3pm)
St Gabriel’s Hydrotherapy Pool (Limerick)
Jan 4th to April 4th (between 1pm - 5pm)
Daughters Of Charity (Limerick)
Nov 3rd - 15th Dec (between 11am - 12.30pm)

* Please read How it works before you book your Baby/Toddler and Parent Swimming Lessons

Click here for Fees for Baby/Toddler and Parent Swimming. Courses are payable in full before the start of each term. Length of a course of swim lessons may vary depending on midterm breaks, Bank Holidays, etc. Please note that there are no pay-as-you-go lessons, although we do offer private, one to one swimming lessons. You can get in touch with us today for more information.

Find out everything you need to know to be ready for your local swimming lessons here.


Highly recommend Diana's Swim Academy lessons- so much fun for baby and parents, Diana is a super teacher she really engages with the babies and makes everyone feel comfortable in the water. We've been going since our baby was 12 weeks and over a year later it's still our favourite activity!

Jude and Eamon (Angie’s Mam and Dad)

Our daughter has been taking lessons the parent and toddler group for the past 2.5 years, since she was 6 months old. She loves the lessons, she has gotten so comfortable and confident in the water. The lessons are a perfect mix of fun activities interlaced with the learning of key water skills. The pace of the lessons is excellent while new and more challenging aspects are introduced at appropriate stages. We are very happy with the classes and have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

Eric & Sinead Nelligan (Charlotte’s Mam)

We have been attending swimming with Diana since our daughter was 9 weeks old and we really look forward to it every week. It is a great bonding session and teaches little ones to swim in a fun and safe environment. I tell all the moms and dads I know to try it out! Our little lady is a true water baby thanks to Diana!

Jennifer Ahern x (Aoifa May’s mam)
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