Baby / Toddler & Parent Swimming Lessons

Our parent and baby swimming lessons are for children from birth to 3.5 years of age. One parent or guardian is required per baby/toddler for the lesson. Parents/guardians get into the water with their baby/toddler and are fully supported and guided by the highly-experienced swimming teacher. Lessons are informative, well-organised and engaging and the babies and toddlers love to splash about, watch other babies and toddlers and really have fun and learn from the experience.  At 30 minutes per lesson, toddler and baby swimming lessons are designed to work with the child’s attention span and energy levels.


Please click here to see current timetables of availability: 

Timetable for Baby / Toddler & Parent Swimming Lessons

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* Please read How it works before you book your Baby/Toddler and Parent Swimming Lessons

Click here for more info including dates/times/and fees for Baby/Toddler and Parent Swimming. Courses are payable in full before the start of each term. Length of a course of swim lessons may vary depending on midterm breaks, Bank Holidays, etc. Please note that there are no pay-as-you-go lessons, although we do offer private, one to one swimming lessons. You can get in touch with us today for more information.

Find out everything you need to know to be ready for your local swimming lessons here.


A really fun experience for babies and toddlers, definitely worthwhile. We always felt we were in very safe hands in Diana's classes.

Emma, Gar, (Noah and Baby Aosa’s Mam and Dad)

We've been taking our two year old son Dante to Diana's Swim Academy since he was a baby, and it's helped him develop a love for being in a pool. On holidays, he wants to spend all his time in the swimming pool, and his confidence in the water often surprises other parents with children of a similar age. Our weekly trip to see Diana continues to be one of the highlights of Dante's early years.

Darren Shan (Dante’s Dad)

Myself and my little boy have been attending classes with Diana’s Swim Academy since my toddler was only a few weeks old, it has been such a fantastic part of our routine, and such a positive experience on so many levels.

Not only has my son developed his abilities in water with an experienced teacher who is a mammy herself and understands child development but it has also been a fantastic bonding experience for both of us as mother and son, he has developed full trust with me throughout the lessons and this trust has deepened over time.

We have also made lots of friends from attending the classes and my little boy looks forward to meeting all his buddies every week. Overall I am so glad we attended and continue to attend Diana’s classes and I would highly recommend these classes to anyone thinking about it.

Laura Flanagan (Ruairi’s Mam)
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