Why Consistency in Baby/Toddler & Parent Swimming Lessons is So Important


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Have you ever struggled to get back into exercise after taking a few months off? Well, the same feeling of struggling with your progress and a lack of confidence goes for your baby and their swimming too. If your little one takes a break from swimming they’ll need to ease their way back into it. This will cost more time and money than down the line.

Consistency is an important part to success in most areas, especially swimming. We understand life is busy and you’re juggling a ton of things, so it’s not uncommon to take a term off from swimming lessons. But, for your baby to become confident in the water and continuously improve, we highly recommend being consistent with swimming all year long. By making the commitment to be in swimming lessons all year, you can guarantee seeing more development in your baby’s confidence and swimming ability.

Consistency is what creates the habit and pattern that your baby needs to gain confidence and become a good swimmer. Attending swimming lessons each week will help your baby to become more familiar with the new swimming pool environment, the new faces, sounds and smells. It’s often the unfamiliarity with these things that causes them to cry. Not the fear of water.

We understand swimming isn’t the only thing on your family’s plate, but if equipping your baby with a life skill and seeing them grow in confidence in the water is important to you, then taking swimming lessons consistently is the best recommendation we can make.

If for any reason you feel nervous about being in the water yourself, attending the swimming lessons regularly will also help to build your confidence. Your baby will feed off your energy and feel relaxed the more you are.

Remember, there are so many benefits to Baby/Toddler and Parent Swimming Lessons for your baby. All of these benefits will be enhanced by consistency in the lessons. Some of the benefits include:

- Reducing your baby’s risk of drowning

- Building your baby’s water confidence early

- Improving your baby’s coordination and balance

- Improving the strength of your baby’s heart and lungs

- Improving your baby’s sleep and appetite

- Helping to develop your baby’s brain development

- Promoting quality bonding time between you and your baby


Remember your baby can join us from as young as six weeks old.

Finally, when your baby is old enough to join the Children’s Swimming Lessons, they’ll be so comfortable with the water and in a good habit of attending their weekly lessons that it’ll be completely normal and part of their routine, so no poolside dramas!

We’d love to know, has your baby had their first swimming lesson yet?

If you have any questions about our lessons or would like to sign up to our Baby/Toddler & Parent Swimming Lessons, please complete the application form here:

See you soon in the pool!

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