Tips to washing your newborn in the bathtub


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At Diana’s Swim Academy we welcome babies to our Baby/Toddler & Parent Swimming Lessons from six weeks old. We recommend bringing your baby to the swimming pool when their belly cord is healed to reduce the possibility of infection. If your baby is younger than six weeks old, you can start to get them familiar with water from the comfort of your home using your bathtub. You can put your baby in the bathtub during the first few days of their arrival into the world.

If you do this, you need to know what your goal is. Are you simply washing your baby using a clean and hygienic process or would you like your baby to learn a new skill and enjoy a physical activity even at this age. If you’re bathing your baby for hygiene reasons, here are some useful tips¬¬:

• Make sure the bathtub is really clean before putting your baby inside. If you have pets make sure there is no hair in the bathtub from their previous bath, and if daddy works in construction or gardening, ensure that the bathtub is free from oil, dirt, etc.

• Make sure you have all your toiletries ready for after the bath - towels, a clean nappy, clean clothes, cream etc.

• Make sure the air temperature is warm enough so your baby feels comfortable. For their first bath we recommend a temperature of 36-37°C. You can use a thermometer (but don’t just trust a thermometer) if you need to but you can also use your full arm to check the temperature isn’t too cold or too hot so you won’t burn your baby. If your baby is comfortable in 36-37°C then you can start to reduce the temperature one degree per month up to 30-32°C depending on the baby and the baby’s age. This process will help to build up their immune system.

• Wash your baby with baby soap or shampoo and not more than once per week. This is a hygienic washing process. Washing after swimming uses a slightly different process.

• During bath time make sure you’re relaxed and smiling. Speak to your baby in a calm and relaxed tone with lots of encouragement.

• Feed your baby after washing them as they’ll probably be hungry.

If you want to focus on swimming as a skill development, build their confidence and skills, you should talk to an expert in this field. They’ll be able to guide you further and help you to get the best results which will not only make a huge positive impact on your baby’s future, but on you too. They will focus on your baby’s needs and individual personality. If your baby is happy and comfortable in water, it’ll be easier for you to do simple activities with them like wash their hair etc. and avoid any dramas.

Please note – never leave your baby in the bathtub unsupervised even for a few seconds. If you need to leave the bathroom to answer the door or phone, wrap your baby in a towel and take them with you.

We’d love to know, does your baby enjoy time in the bathtub?

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