Why Becoming a Swimming Teacher/Coach Can Be a Great Career Choice (0)

5 minute read   Have you ever sat poolside and wondered what it takes to become a swimming teacher/coach? Well, let me share all the details with you and open your eyes to a whole new world ...
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Tips to washing your newborn in the bathtub (0)

3 minute read At Diana’s Swim Academy we welcome babies to our Baby/Toddler & Parent Swimming Lessons from six weeks old. We recommend bringing your baby to the swimming pool when their ...
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Why Aqua Natal Yoga during Pregnancy Is a Great Idea (0)

2 minute read   Just because you’re pregnant, it doesn’t mean that you need to miss out on exercise and lots of other fun activities during this special time. Aqua Natal Yoga is...
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Why Consistency in Baby/Toddler & Parent Swimming Lessons is So Important (0)

(2 minute read)   Have you ever struggled to get back into exercise after taking a few months off? Well, the same feeling of struggling with your progress and a lack of confidence goes for y...
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